Help - The 1099-A Process


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1099A with 1099OID to get withdraws from trust


I havnt been on here in a while do to personal things going on. 

Last time I was listening in to CH. He was talking about the treasury/irs allowing him to approve 1099's tmfor withdrawal from trust.  Said he had to study a book amd he was quizzed on it all day long.  Said he was going to set up a room or something for ppl to send in 1099A's to make withdrawals from the trust account 

What is the word on that.  It's been like 9 or 10 months since I heard his say that!   

Is he not doing that. Did it fall through?  

Would just like some clarification ro what happened?

I keep hearing ppl say they've had success with this and that then you ask them to break it down. And that never happens

I'm tired of hearing that same old song and dance.