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Believe yourself, if Nothing else!!!

To the Moment we have never imagined possible, Authoritarianism knocking on your door / terrorists rehearsal...

Passing through Childress Texas Sheriff's light me up for reason said Driving 50 mph in as 30 zone. Sheriff instructed for my driver's license registration and insurance... Then said I looked suspicious getting those requests step out the truck so they can search and had my children get out and stand on the side of the road declaring in their AFFIDAVIT Child Abuse and Abandoned on the side of the road.... CPS is called in...

CPS & COURT ...arrived & sitting in Court the D.A, CPS Regional Sprvsr & Case Worker are shocked & baffled with surprised disbelief confused about my presence as to appear. I walked over to the D.A ADDRESSING her by her Title and Full Name , informing her that mm y time is precious that her ALJ has 3 minutes to come out of chambers or this matter is adjourned. He came out less than 2min. 

PLAY by PLAY: The trio was giving oath and swearing on the Bible to tell the truth so help them (God)!  STATE vs. ALETTA HITE-BUTLER who is present her today. Ms Hite please come to the desk have a seat &....

HITE: No no no! I'm not a licensed attorney to cross the bar.

Judge: You need to come in you can use the desk for your papers.

HITE: What's the difference between here and there? 

Judge: the Court can't hear you from there.

HITE: the Court seems to hear just fine.

Judge: ok Miss Hite then I might render decision you might not like.

HITE: Do as your God instructs you for my intention is to do the same.

HITE: If it pleases your Majesty of the Court, if I may ask a question?

Judge: Yes, ask anything.

HITE: I would like to know who died and made you GOD!!

Judge: Pardon me!!

HITE: You are Pardoned! May I also ask who is the injured Party?

Judge: this is a civil case you're in civil court!

HITE: thank you for your honesty, then since this is civil court I'm suggesting that we go down the hall to the TAX COURT First.

Judge: whatever do you mean?

HITE: You know exactly what I'm talking about.! You aren't getting me in into your arena of tricks. That flag behind your head with the Gold... Fringe's... On the LAW of man on Land, however if you promise not to trick me or lie putting it in writing with your wet signature I'll cross. (So he did) and I crossed and said last question and we can proceed - 

Judge: ask your question.

HITE: What Language will you be speaking today? 

Judge: Laughing hysterically... I only speak one language English. 

HITE: You're a liar!! You speak legalese and I'm not Fluent in Legalese and you plan on tripping me up with fast talk to get me to contract with you and I do not wish to contract with you.

Judge: before we proceed I need you to Place your hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth so help you God! 

HITE: For the record I have brought my own BIBLE and I will not place my hand on it either and swear on the WORD of GOD! But I will tell you this, I will let my yeahs be yeay and my Neys be Ney! 

Judge: You sure are something else Miss Hite Butler.

HITE: I'd hope so. I'm making a special appearance on behalf of the CAPITAL of the Estate of Matter of the CHARGES Claimed, a copy of the contract agreement that you have jurisdiction and Authority over me and my offspring. For the only  LAW I adhere to is in this book (BIBLE), this is my Jurisdiction.  

A Week later I received a email that the Entire Case Has Been Dismissed.

Now I'm going to attempt to collect the INVISIBLE BOND that is always on the table unseen to be claimed and collected.

Anyone with experience or knowledge?